V6 HEI Computer Controlled Distributor, Complete, New $125


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Mar 14, 2003
I built this distributor 8 or 10 years ago and never used it because I ended up putting a B350 in my Jeepster.
7-pin that I intended to use with EFI.

The distributor body is brand new (remanufactured) as well as the guts, the cap, the rotor, the ignition module, the performance coil and the 8.2 Taylor Thunderbolt wires.
Would this replace the computer controlled coil box that came stock on these 1978 Buick 3.8L turbo hot systems? I mean an all-in-one solution if i have nothing as far as dist, electronics and wiring harness? I would be interested even if not, just beginning this build. Please PM a photo if you can.