Valve Springs


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I bought some valve springs from Modern Musclecar before they hooked up with Ramchargers. They were listed as a turbo buick upgraded springs. Does anyone know what the specs are on these springs? After reading all these posts about cam lobe destruction I'm a little leary about installing these. Should I even use them? Sure don't want to wipe out my cam. Thanks
I bought the MM 208/208 cam, lifters, and springs. The cam lasted 12,000 miles before it went. I think the springs are too stiff for the Buick motor. I have not had the heads checked to back up that statement though. It is just my opinion.
Take the springs to a machine shop and have them measure the seat pressure at 1.70", it should be around 80-85#'s and your ok.
Thats what my Comp 980's measured in at.
This is what Steve Wood told me:

The stock springs are rated something like 74-82# at an installed height of 1.727".

The 980s with a damper are rated at 91# at 1.700". They have a spring rate of 308 lbs/inch.

At a 1.727" height, they would be about 8-9# less if my head is calculating correctly.

I would use them with the dampers and throw the factory cups away...just install them near the 1.727.....right after I hung the engineer that spec'd them at the last .007".

I used CC980s w/damper no cups. All is well so far.