Vehicle speed sensor


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May 24, 2001
I have a GNX-style dash from that replaced my stock digital dash.

I need a vehicle speed sensor. Can I get one of these from the local Autozone/Advance/Etc?

Unfortunately Tom Hauser seems to be MIA, or I would have asked him.
Advance has them listed on their site but says 1 day delivery, but they may have it in stock.

Some parts i've seen listed like that, they had in the store.

I ordered one from Advance. It'll be in at 07:30.

How hard is it to install?
It's not hard to replace, just hard to get to.

You have to pull the speedometer / gauge cluster out to access it, it's held in place by one little screw on the back side of the cluster.

I've only had to do one and that was 11 years ago. :eek:

Man,i have been messing around with these cars way too long. :wink:

I've got a VSS but I have no idea how to connect it.

According to the wiring diagram, the VSS connects to a buffer. The buffer has a wire that connects to the digital dash.

Where is that buffer? What does it look like?

I pulled the dash out but I can't see anything back there.

heres the problem I have the same dash you do and my VSS is bad too, the problem is not the VSS but the buffer that goes on the two speedo cables by the trans now thats a custom part from what tom was telling me along time ago but maybe caspers can jump in and hook us up I've looked at there site and it looks like the may have the parts we need to fix the problem