Vin Check on this GN?

This is a first time I seen this.........<QUOTE>Enter your VIN:

CARFAX© has no data available on the VIN you supplied, "1G4GJ117XHP455207." <QUOTE>

Is this the wright vin # ?

Now I am officially nervous!

I bought my GN in March 1999 with 17,886 original miles. I had the car looked over by J. Cotton and another TR mechanic and they both said it had all of the original factory TR/GN parts still in place. I felt good. I just ran the free instant carfax check for this GN and it said the following:

Year/Make/Model: 1987 BUICK REGAL
Body Style: Coupe
Engine Type: 3.8L V6 SFI OHV TURBO
Manufactured In: UNITED STATES
Search Results: 0 records found in our database

So I know that the vin is a legitimate one and the car is in extremely original/excellent shape. But what bothers me is why are there no records. I titled the car the day I bought it and the guy before me had it titled too. I have the title in hand, where are those records? Any idea?
Iam going to look into this a little deeper ok give me a couple of days and Ill get back with you

Jesse :confused:
Other places to run vin checks

I went to and looked up other places to check vins and this other service I think it was works similar to carfax. I did their 'free' search to see if there are records and it said there were 3 records on their database. I did not run the full search but at least I feel good that they have some 'record' of my vehicle. Hopefully you stumble across something with the carfax website. Keep me posted Jesse and thanks for your help.