Vin # on engine,trans and rear end


May 8, 2006
Hi, Is the engine, trans and rear end stamped with the vin? If so where is it located?

Engine only got the VIN, look on the driver side. Where the trans meets the engine. About mid way. You'll see a flat spot. The last numbers will be there IE: KL****** it's pretty faint and most likely covered in grease. The font is just like the font on all the vin stickers that are all over the car.

Transmission got a serial number and so does the rear end.

On the transimission look on the passanger side end of transmission for a blue rectangular metal plate with the info on it. On the rear end there's a tag on the driver side of the diff cover, attached to one of the bolts.
Tranny got the vin too, just like the engine KL******


A little hard to read in that pic but thats it

Just checked my transmission, being dirty I probabrly never thought of it before :biggrin: Anyway, cleaned it up and there it was, my VIN and so looks like I got matching numbers on my TTA ;)
I did this whole "check the numbers" exercise some months back after seeing some tips on where to find the numbers. Mine was good - Which would seem normal for 1,210 miles on the ticker. I posted about it somewhere, probably over at the TTA site. Mine's gone to a new owner in Canada this week. I guess I should stop calling it "mine" now that I think about it!