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Jun 16, 2001
Looking to get recent feedback from anybody who has installed the full kit with the supplied compressor and bracket, in addition to the box, vents, and vent controls?
Thanks in advance.
Was hoping for some feedback. I am planning to make my care a nice street cruiser with AC. The AC was shot when I bought the car over ten years ago, have been playing with it for quarter times on a small turbo since then, but plan to make it a nice cruiser. Need AC, seats refurbished, sun visors ... blah blah...
I was watching this too ,I know a few have done it. but it was Nick at Arizona GN did the first using vintage air.
Vintage air has been around a long time , got to be a good setup. I can't find the instructions for mounting the compression. as much work as you have to do under the dash , best not have any liquor close. and fitting a new type compressor on a turbo car would be the biggest hurdle.
I got a different type condenser and ill pull the evaporator and probably change it if its to to corroded up, going to give it one more try.
With vintage air kits you can use an existing compressor or their underhood parts. I've installed them both ways and had excellent results. I won't use anyone else's kits. You can call and talk to an expert and get all your questions answered, and only get the parts you need if you already have the underhood compressor setup. I'm doing exactly that because the 440 (soon to be a 512) transplanted into my 72 Challenger had A/C on it, but the car did not. Ordering it this way may affect the warrenty, but most of us don't worry about that sort of stuff. If you are, ask.
We did a 67 Moostang a while back with a March serpentine belt setup and only bought the under dash unit and controls. They had controls available for factory A/C cars and non A/C cars as this one was. We had a custom hose shop do the hoses as we routed everything thru and under the fender (polished bulkhead plate with AN fittings) to hide both the A/C and heater hoses.
I am going to need everything, I am trying to decide if I should get the compressor with the relocation bracket from them, or would it be better to source a new stock style compressor then piece the rest together through vintage air.
Autozone, NAPA, and O'Reilly's all had new compressors in stock with clutches when I got mine about 6 months ago. I also bought A/C hoses too. They had the P/S hoses too. What a surprise! I got my new stuff from Autozone, because they had the best warrenty. Those retailers change suppliers often, so it's best to call around.
I would use the stock compressor and bracket, as it's a complex deal, and get the rest of the kit complete from them. Their kits come either way and they are very easy to deal with.
I like their kits because they are completely under the dash, no fan or heater box underhood. Easier to work on the engine, and much cleaner looking too.
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