Virgin "SG1"-(109)...Rear Main Seal


I just acquired a virgin factory crate "SG1"-109 short block from someones vault,still has the factory oily wax coating all over it....has a "1SERV1" UPC sticker on it and question is would it have the new neoprene seal already in it or the standard rope seal ?. If rope,would you suggest replacing it with the new neoprene seal (Felpro BS 40613) before I put the oil pan on ? What do you suggest ?

Rob aka NO1B4ME
Replace It If It Has The Rope Seal, May As Well Get It Done Now Than Later When It Starts To Leak Which Will Be Around 5k Miles.. :)
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Cool! You don't find a factory crate replacement every day. I'm pretty sure the motor has a rope seal, might as well do the neoprene routine while it is on the stand. Also, don't use the stock silicone oil pan gasket, go for the thick cork from Kirban or somebody. Finally,improve the oil pressure with a spring kit. Not too much though. Test the stocker, go one click higher. Good luck!
No matter whats in there, Replace it with a New Neoprene. Its old & for a few $$ you have a New "known good" seal!
PS: Sorry I was busy yesterday but it was a Hectic Weekend!!
Call me tomorrow. We can talk.

Thanks GUYS.... for the recommendations,bought a new Neoprene seal today.I will replace whatever is in there.....David I'll give you a call in the late afternoon tommorrow.....