Wanted parts

for the heater lines... I wrote this up a few years ago...didn't look to see what of that thread exists today. just get new hoses...

Waterpump bypass hose or "S" hose = Gates 19598. When searched by year, make, model, engine, this hose is listed ONLY for the non-turbo 3.8 V6. Dayco does not make an alternate. tired of vendors listing this Gates hose as something that they specifically had made and sell it for $25+ when it is just a $6 hose made by Gates.

Heater hoses:

Waterpump to pipe 1 (3/4 inch hardpipe from heater core) = Gates 19603. Shape is correct, have to cut off a little from the ends.

Heater core outlet to pipe 1 = Gates 28474 OR Dayco 80411. Both are cut to fit.

Pipe 2 (5/8 inch hardpipe from manifold) to heater valve = Gates 28466 OR Dayco 80400. Both are cut to fit.

Heater valve to heater core inlet = Gates 28466 OR Dayco 80400. Both are cut to fit.

For these heater hoses, I am favorable to Gates. The spec is slightly higher temp than the Dayco and Dayco only makes some of the hoses. So I'd prefer to keep all these heater hoses Gates like the "S" hose. There are some Continental heater hoses that will work as well. Check out the Rock Auto page listing here. Again, I like the pics and part # cross references when I'm researching stuff. All the small hoses totaled $35 in mid-2017. you can pick up the radiator hoses locally at brick and mortar parts stores. Advance can't get Gates hoses so RockAuto was my solution for them.