Wanted: Turbo Regal or GN


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Got between 7 and 10k...

Only requests:

No rustbuckets (****, no rust at all if possible)
No column shift
No Ttops (will consider sunroof)

Anything out there, or do I need to stack some more pennies? :D
You are in VA? :D hmmmm--have an 86 GN w/132k--rebuilt motor--good interior. Some rust on doors and trunk--have replacement panels. Right on the lower edge of your price range--$7000--come and get it!!--Eric
Let me know if you are interested.
Torch i may be willing to part with my 87 T. has 117,000 on odometer...is my daily driver....is charcoal silver w/burgandy interior...needs paint and bumper fillers...has tinman cold air kit...walbro pump w/hotwire kit....direct scan....Lonny Diers built 200R4...billit accufab adj regulator...non ttop...new brakes..tires...and some front end parts( ball joints control arm bushings tie rod ends etc..) email me at bigd70454ss@aol.com if interested....
by the way im in central ohio....dayton to be exact...
I'm thinking of selling the one in my sig box below. It has about 170 on the crank and pistons, but everything else has under 4k on them, except the turbo, it has about 30 miles on it. I just go done repainting it (roof) still needs fixed and some other minor areas. Interior is all new, except the origional back seat. I should also mention the the color is black, but it has alot of blue pearl in it, so it shifts to midnight blue at different angles. All new weather strips, metal around the windows, fiberglass, front bumper, trunk, and hood. A/C delete plate and guages where the old sending unit used to be. I would like to see 8500 out of it. I live in Missouri. my email is logana22@hotmail.com. I also have a complete roller short block comming for it next month (but that is not included) that will be 4100 extra if you interested in that.