wastegate adjustment???


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May 29, 2001
I'm pretty sure i have an adjustable wastegate on my car (84 GN) I've done some modding and want to put the boost around 18-20 psi and see how it goes. Only question...if you make the wastegate rod longer does that make less boost? or is it the other way around? I'm asking on a tipical adj wastegate how do you adjust it. I was getting on the highway and wanted to see how much it was set to, on my new guage it went to 23# before i let off, might be alittle much. I got a chip form Conley's a mini mag i heard they like boost but a non-intercooled running 23# with mostly stock parts...see sig

The shoter the gates arm the more boost. You'll be lucky to see 17-18psi on pump gas w/o knock.
Since its only a hotair, DO NOT go over 18 psi of boost. Anything over that is usless because the air is so hot that the heat robs power. With pump gas(94oct), stay at 17 psi. And yes, the smaller you make your wastgate rod, the more boost you will get. Hope that helps.
you can go over 18psi, just not on pumpgas..

around 20psi is the limit of efficiency..
If you're seeing 23#, there is a good chance the WG actuator is blown. Unhook the pressure port and apply pressure to it. See if the rod moves out, and stays out (holds pressure).

If it's blown, adjusting it won't do a thing.