Wastegate solenoid? & Poor idle.


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Jan 6, 2002
Well, here's my first post ( At least since my account was cancelled :mad: )
To make a long story short... I'm having problems at WOT. It sounds more like backfiring, but to be safe in case it's detonation, I adjusted the wastegate rod to lower boost. I lengthened to where there is no tension to attach it, but still have about 14lbs. I verified that I have the OEM ECM and chip ( recently purchased this car ). What is the purpose or function of the wastegate solenoid?
I also have a fairly poor idle. I've replaced the plugs (.035), wires, and coilpack. That improved things a bit, but still not quite right. It wants to die at stops and when cold. Idle is at 800 rpm. I can't get it lower even with the IAC disconnected. Poor throttle response. I sprayed with starting fluid tonight and found nothing. Tested the EGR valve, it holds vac OK. I do have some exhaust leaks, but they all appear to be after the O2 sensor. No codes in memory.
I don't have a scantool, but plan to get one as soon as I can. This car was really neglected & I'm sinking a fortune in small things to get it running. ( Battery, new turbo - stock, new muffler, new heater parts, tons of interior trim, nickle & dime... nickle & dime...)
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them.


Sounds like maybe a misadjusted TPS, on the wot.
IAC might be dirty or bad, altogether. WG solenoid keeps boost at your preset.
Bleeds off to keep boost constant.
Hey bring it down I'd be glad to look at with you.
I'm just outside Tulsa. I have T-Link and a little knowledge. :D
Sounds cool. I was hoping I could find someone nearby. It may be awhile until I can take you up on that offer, but I'll keep in touch. ( Family life and all...).
Another thing,... I don't think the ESC is working properly. I tapped away on the block and the timing did nothing. What's normal timing for this car? I have 15deg at idle and advances off the scale at 4,000 rpm. I'd guess about 30 - 35deg? I had it at a shop for awhile (5weeks). They couldn't find anything wrong. Obviously they didn't know how to interperet the data from the scan.
BTW, Great info page! I've had trouble locating certain parts ( like the wastegate solenoid ) Most diagrams are cheezy 2 dimensional pics that really don't help. Those assy drawings are exactly what I've been looking for.
Sounds like it could be a bad ESC or knock sensor. Stock chip is 18-22 degrees of timing.
What kind of scan did they do?
Most shops don't have a clue with these cars! Drop me an e-mail or post here. gnowner1@home.com