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Jun 29, 2001
I have an 85 T-type and I was wondering if you could use an 86 wastegate so you would be able to adjust the boost on the car. It looks like it would work and I was wondering if anyone else has done this.

I'm fairly new in the Buick world as I've only had the car for about a year but I'm enjoying the heck out of it! We're trying to get the car ready to go down the track at the end of the month and I'd like to be able to adjust the boost for optimum speed! TIA

You can make your hotair wastegate adjustable for about $10.00. I'm sure the kit they sell for the 87 wastegate will work on the early one. You could also install a bleeder valve for $30.
Dont forget to make sure that if you adjust your boost, you have high octain fuel in the car. At least 94. You dont want to get any Knock/detonation. And I wouldnt recomend that you go beyond 17 psi of boost unless you have really high octain like c12-16 or something. You should also invest in a good fuel pump/hotwire for your car since the stock pump is a piece of crap. Good luck.:cool:

Oh yea, if you dont want to make a wastgate, POSTON sells one. Call 1-800-635-9781 for a free catalog.
If you have hood clearance, Mary the 86/87 WG actuator will work just fine, the mounting holes need to be elongated as the compressor housing is slightly smaller in diameter. The vacuum line to the front of the actuator should be plugged at the throttle body.

This approach is simpler and the later style actuators are available.

Good luck and great racing.