john saleeby

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Aug 5, 2006
Planning on painting my 87 GN. Please provide feedback, good or bad, on the weatherstripping/molding /mirror-door handle- lock gaskets you folks have used i.e. door, door frame, trunk, mirror, etc.. For example is the after market weatherstripping sold by our common vendors worth it versus getting GM NOS? Does the aftermarket stuff fit decently?

Thanks in advance.

PS- where can I find the outside molding for the 2 small rear passenger windows? No one seems to carry it.

John 626 423 2686
For the quarter windows, the rubber molding is integral to the window glass. You'll have to find a pair in better condition if you're looking to refresh the look. Figure 120-150 for a nice used set... Unless you find 'em NOS!

Make sure that you get GN specific ones, although you could try to paint the chrome black but it may not do your repaint justice. Also, the vinyl roof windows are different than the non-vinyl windows.
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