Weber Stroker Kit

Lee Thompson

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Just finished helping a friend install a +.020--355 stroker kit. I am pleased to report it is a drop in with the only thing we needed to do was trim # 2 girdle shim to help it clear the crank counter weight. Flexplate fit---torque convertor will fit---front hub slid on as easy as a stock one does--end play was good (.005) --rod and mains came out to .0015---pistons sit slightly below top of deck as does stock pistons. After the horror of the budget cams and some aluminum heads that may or may not crack, it is nice to take a package that is well thought out and is a direct drop in. Thanks for your time and effort Bryan.
Stroker Kit

Thanks for the feedback Lee. We have worked real hard to make this kit work well for our customers and we have paid much attention to the details so it is good to hear.

Thanks again,