Weight of a T Type

Raymond Bunch

"Turbo Enthusiast"
Mar 20, 2002
Just wondering......

I weighed my 86 T Type here at Camp Pendleton, CA and it weighed in at 3283 lbs.

The car is an extreamly low optioned car and the only things I have taken off of it is: Entire A/C system to accomidate the Ford power stroke I/C, and stereo! Could this be right?:eek:

Even the front sway bar is still on!

My Turbo T weighs 3540 lbs and it's a very low option car too. I don't think A/C is that heavy:confused:
My car TTop car weighs 3500 and I have glass bumpers. Don't have a clue where I could shed any substantial weight to get where you are.
My 86 with a/c,pw,pdl and heavy rims was 3525 with me (185) at VMP last year.
i would be jumping up and down not questioning it!

my car weighed in at 3552 last time at the track. that was with about 5 gallons in the tank and almost every possible option.

my dads car had had far less options, no power windows or locks, bucket seats, no extra bracing, only one coat of paint :mad: and it weighed in at 3620, go figure.
I have "heard" that the 86's are lighter than 87's :confused:

I don't see how.

Bumper supports??
Scale may be off


After reading your replys, I am coming to an conclution that the scale may be a tad bit off.

Although...... NEARING quoted that his 86 with a/c,pw,pdl and heavy rims was 3525 with him in it and he weighs (185 pounds). Subtract that from 3525 and this I guess his car weighs around 3340 pounds. Before I sold my 87 GN, it weighed close to 3600 pnds, so I'm really confused with all this :confused:

In the mean time, I will try and find another scale and see what it weighs it in at and will let you all know. Also I have a single shot 3" exhaust, so this accounts for atleast 20-30 pnds shave off also.


Scale must be wrong.
My '87 Limited T weighs ~3680 with me (~230lbs.) and 1/4 tank of gas and not one ounce of weight removal. It's a hardtop with only cruise, Concert Sound (no cassette/equal.), PW, rear defroster, AC (standard), aluminum bumper supports.
Without me, I'm looking at around 3450.
I weighed mine at NED so I would assume the scale was accurate. I would try to weigh it someplace else to compare.
I'll get back to you all hopefully monday on the weight, if it is actually 3283 pounds, I would be absolutly stoked! But I don't see how as of now since most are 3400 or more. We'll see...

I weighed my 87 limited last year. With leather and all the chrome a limited has it weighed 3460 with out the driver and with a 1/4 tank of gas. That was with the stock wheels also.
My '87 T weighed 3,415 pounds at Bristol with 175 pounds me, a helmet, an OTC, and a few gallons of gas in it. It's a full weight, all steel car. Do the math.

Scales are like dynos. What number would you like?

Can't find another scale!

Well like I said, I'm at a stand still on finding how much my car really weighs. Also I do think some weigh more or less than others, who knows:rolleyes:

strikeeagle's 87 T weighs 3240 and it a full weight car :eek:

Next time you come down to the Miramar area you can weigh your car at the Mayflower moving company on Miramar road. They charge $5 and their scales are certified by the DOT. FWIW my car weighs 3520 with 10 gallons or gas in it without driver.



I will try to get down there this week sometime to get it weighed. Also, can you please go ahead and burn my strip chip and I'll pick it up when it done at a feasible time when ever is good for you.

BTW...The street chip is awesome! I have been running 19-20 psi on pump gas "91 octain" and scared the crap out of Al going up to Qualcom on Saturday to the races. :D The thing pulls hard!

Give me a call when the chip is ready and thanks.