Weird erratic idle when cold..


Oct 16, 2002
Ever since I got this car when you first start it the rpm's rise to 3000 and cycle back down lower than idle where it dies unless I tap the gas at that point then cycle back up high and back and forth until the car is warmed up, which can take several minutes..anyone know what to look for? It's really annoying and bad for the engine when it's that cold. Thanks.
I would try removing the up-pipe and clean out the throttle body, something might be sticking...... Run some top engine cleaner too

HTH, Mike;)
I had the same problem. Clean and reset IAC, set TPS to 0.42-0.44, and clean the throttle body out. I did it and now the RPMs fluctuate quite a bit at startup in cold weather but it doesn't cut out anymore (approx 750 RPM to about 2000).