Weird Problem


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Jun 12, 2001
My car runs very rough in gear. It is hard to get it in gear without stalling. When I do get it in gear the car bucks and run rough. It is fine out of gear. The car does not want to make boost either. After I drove the car for a while and as soon as I put the car in park the RPMs went to 3 grand immediately. It almost seems like the TC is locked. I only have a Scnamaster, so I cannot tell if the TC is lcoked. I might have to borrow a friends Direct Scan or TL. Also, I drove the car 100 miles and the coolant stayed the same. So I do not think it is a HG. I may do a compression test just to make sure. Any other suggestions?

I'm not sure what we are talking about here, do you think you are missing a couple of cylinders? I just love these c3i systems,checking spark is a good way to get a heart attack, but that is what you must do to find out if all 6 are hitting.You can also remove injector connectors, less painful. After that, we can talk more.
In the meantime, maybe I'm going in a different direction. You mentioned the TCC. I haven't seen a lot of torque converter clutch solenoid issues with the 200 4r, but that doesn't mean they don't fail, and it will definitely make the car stall, slamming into gear if oil pressure is applied at rest. I think you need to get more specific before yanking the trans pan, though.
Let the group know what you find; we will always give you the proper feedback!
Good luck with your trouble.
It could be misfire, but all of my ignition is relatively new. The car runs fine in neutral. My first guess was it was engine related, but after I had such problems getting the car in gear and the RPMs skyrocketing after I took it out of gear, I thought it may be trans related. I will have to spend some time on the car. I just wanted to see if anyone else ever had a similar issue.