went11.70s,want to go faster


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Jun 5, 2001
Well I just dropped off my motor at the speed shop today.I went 11.78@116before with a 49,blue tops,Mark Jackson 17row,Reds pump and chip,THDP on BFGs..closed exhaust. I would like to run low 11s and still be streetable[aka drive it anywhere]What improvements should I make? Iwas thinking a 61 turbo,009s,I`m getting a 206-206 cam in the the motor.Should I go roller[$$$]?This is going in my driver,the Stage car[85] is in a million pieces now and cant afford to do 2 cars now. The heads I have now just have the bigger intake valves in them,no port work as with the manifold. The headers are stock units opened up by Frank Parvin.I`m open to all suggestions.

thanks in advance
You definately need at least 50lb injectors, then as frankg said, port the heads. I'm in the same boat as you: "mid 11's on bluetops, now what". Porting the heads and 50lb+ injectors would be needed for a larger turbo anyway, might as well try them with the 49 and see how fast you can go.

The other advantage of ported heads is when the track tells you to slow down to 12.0 because of no roll bar, you can almost turn the boost down to pumpgas levels (almost :) ) and still run quick.
goin threw this with Melissa's car now....she's gone the ol mid 11s an we took the motor out for a check up :)...make sure nothin is cracked an put it back together...we are adding a girdle to the stock short block ....she wants to leave it like it was BUT I have a set of alum heads gatherin dust here....soooooo I wanted put them on with Mike's (TTA89) 66 turbo...we are goin with 52# inj...ya also have a vig converter sittin here to :) ....this grows realllly fast...:p
I`m presently lookin for a set of Champions.I have a Stage1 block with a BMS crank ....but that will wait for the car with a cage[85GN] If I dont get a set of Champs,I guess I`ll have to open up the stockers:D

Thanks guys