What car movie was this?


elbows & a$$holes
Mar 31, 2006
This is something that has been bothering since I can remember. I bet I was 6 or 7 years old when I saw this movie, and the only thing I can really remember clearly was that there was a scene where the guy drivng his muscle car got a flat, didn't have a jack, was way out in the middle of nowhere, so he just jumped in the car and drove it up onto one of those highway guard rails far enough so he could change it. Another memory I have that may or may not be from the same movie was a scene where the dude and his gal where in the garage, and he was telling her about a car he had with "naked ladies" painted on the side. I also remember a quote that might have been from that movie where the guy is looking to swap out the muscle car he's been on the run in, for another one, and the guy says something like, "that isn't a race car, "THIS is a race car". There seems like there might have been a part with a semi that got stuck in the mud, and people where trying to push it out too. I'm not a big movie buff, so don't razz me too hard if this is a easy one, or one I "should know" :tongue:

A big huge thank you to anyone that can help me out.
I first thought it was the gumball rally, but I think maybe it was Cannonball.

David Carradine backed his firebird onto a guardrail to change a tire.
gumball rally was a comedy right? I bet it was cannonball, I can't remember anykind of comedy stuff in it. I just read a couple reviews on it, looks like I might regret watching it again, but i never pay attention to movie reviews anyway. Maybe I can find it cheap on ebay. thanks guys.

real quick, heres another one that I saw long ago and can't remember the name.
Featured a early 70's, maybe late 60's firebird, (might've been orange or yellow). 2 guys where driving it, one always worked on it, the other just drove it. Forgot what the plot was, they where heading south for a race? There was a scene on a train I think. They picked up a girl along the way who was searching for ancient artifacts? Ran into a millionaire dude who was a bit eccentric, they stayed a night at his mansion and he jumped into the firebird and drove all over his estate tearing the crap out of the grounds. They eventually made it south to a big race that I think was in the desert. Lots of car racing in this movie.
Thanks again for any input.
ulp...,, not a 69, a 70 GTO, I'm a big fan of that movie actually, so I know its not that one. Kind've sad actually. I think the only cast member of that movie still alive is james taylor. The other 2 died young, and warren oats died way to early also. A 70 GTO would be my second favorite car. To think what I could have bought a actual 70 GTO Judge for 10 years ago compared to what their going for today. I could really kick myself. I saw a 70 orbit orange matching #'s judge on of those tv show car auction thingys go for over $150,000. wowsa