what do i have, what do i need?


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Jan 25, 2007
where is the best place to find out what i have. just got a partial turbo setup. some parts missing and need to know what all i need.
the two part numbers i have found are 1261620, 25501542 and turbo says "AIResearch". I have the intake but cant see any vin numbers on it yet. I also mave a 76 buick 3.8 and not sure if the turbo will go on it. So where should i start:confused:
All i know is it is a carb setup, missing one exast header, carb, crossover and down pipe. other than that i know nothing about the setup or what else i may be missing for that mater.
OH, and how free should the turbo spin? It dont spinn to well.
You might want to post in the hotair section and post pics of what you have.
The turbo should spin freely.