What do you think it would run in 1/4?

I'm building up a pretty much stock 1979 draw through 3.8 from a turbo Century. I'm putting it in my 80 Regal. My work buddy is saying it won't out run his 03 Silverado (5.3). The short block will be a stock rebuild with Edelbrock 5487 cam (already bought), 8445 heads, 1983 Regal turbocharger, 3.73 Monte SS rear (posi), 200 4R trans, electric fan, electric fuel pump, stock Q Jet rebuilt with mods. Also probably do a cold air system with K&N cone filter. I'm not wanting a race car but I think it would be quicker accelerating than his Silverado with exhaust. What do you guys think? Heck, maybe I'm dumb and the Silverados are faster than I think they are


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Depending on the layout of the truck, (reg. cab, ex. cab, crew cab, 4x2, 4x4, etc.) there's a good chance that he's right. I have a 2004 Buick Rainier as a daily driver that uses that same 5.3 liter v8. It's far from fast, but I'd feel comfortable in a stoplight-to-stoplight match with just about anything from 1979, short of exotic sportscars. As far as what you'd run in the 1/4 mile.... hell, idk. Wild shot in the dark, maybe 17-18 sec.?

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I had a '90 Regal 3.1 with a Hypertech chip and cold air that ran 16.1.

I would think heavier car with more power/ torque would be mid 15's.

As for comparison on some rental cars I ran.
'94 maxima ..... 15.8
'93 sunbird 'vert .... 18.3
'94 stang 'vert auto...... 16.1