What hides are you using??

I've been a BBB guy for a long time...............just bought an 87 T-type Limited for a change of pace. The car has 215x60xR15 on the stock 87 T-type wheels. I want to bump up to a 255x60.......I'm curious on what's going to fit.
i have 275/60 15 nittos on the back and 215/60s up front. I used to have 255/60s in the BFGs radial TAs on the back and i liked the way they looked and they hooked ok for a street tire
I've put 20k miles on a set of BFG 255/60's on the back. I run 20 lbs of air and they still wear in the middle. Generally a good tire, but they could be a little more sticky.
Cool, I'll leave my 215x60's on the front and just replace the rears with the 255x60's. I'm going to try Daytona's. I've run BFG Radial TA's on a couple of big block cars and they hook alright. I'm kind of curious and want to try the Daytona's.........they're a little easier on the wallet.