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Nov 8, 2005
1987 buick grand national the guy says it has 45000 miles i looked at the car and it has been outside in houston tx. car has not been inspected since 1998 the car has problems mechanically it does not boost drives like a normall 6. leaking transmission oil. exterior is 6 of 10 interior is 7 of 10. but everything looks bone stock is their something minute that will make this car not oprate properly as in turbo? every thing seemed to be in tact, but the boost gauge on the car was all the way up. What would you experienced guys give for this car. This guy wants 5000. Now is it worth it? The title on the car has excempt on the miliage, what does that mean? Feed back would be greatly appreciated.
As far as the mileage being exempt...
In Illinois, once a car reaches a certain age, the mileage on any new titles is exempt. I guess they see it as a problem as far as accuracy of an older car, maybe Texas is the same?

I would surely want to verify the mileage. Look at things such as wear on the gas/brake pedal. Look at places like armrests, steeringwheel, shifter, etc for excessive fading or wear. If the mileage is accurate, it might be worth $5000 to put a little work into it cleaning it up and re-selling.
The interior looked in fair conditions like it was not driven much but wear due to weather. but what gets me was that the car did not boost. he told me the same you said on milege. need brake jod stuff like that. took spark plug wire out one at a time while running to see if everything was fine in13524 but 6 didnt notice hesitation as missing what could it be. I need to find out what is worth.
polin2424 said:
took spark plug wire out one at a time while running to see if everything was fine in13524 but 6 didnt notice hesitation as missing what could it be.

Are you saying it didn't hesitate or miss when the wire was pulled? It should idle like crap if you pull a wire.
Boosting problem could be many things from cracked header, vacuum line, etc.

If it were me, I would point out the normal maintainence things it needs, and make it clear that there is something mechanically wrong with it. Then I'd stick like $3500 cash infront of his face. If it's been sitting since 98, he probably won't turn down cash.
Yes it didnt hesitate only #6. well I offered him less but he wont take it. But maybe if I take him $ it would be diffrent. He is a turck dr. and doesnt have time to work on it he says. But has time to work on another race car he has. Which was a little strange to me. But i thought 5000 was a little to hefty for the conditions of the car. But everything on the car looked bone bone stock.

The transmission could be slipping and making you think the turbo is not working due to lack of power. You might want to check the transmission fluid if you haven't already done so.
Now that your saying that it was leaking alot of transmission fluid. but wouldnt i at least here the turbo take off(which i didnt)
i would say no more than $3500. it sounds like it might need a good deal of work to be in good running condition.

45k miles

carfax can give a lot of good info, but its worth $3500 with 145,000 miles if it runs
DOesn't sound like a 45,000 car. I've had 4 turbo cars. Looked at many different mile cars also.
What bothers me is, I'm thinking my first car was a we-4 with t-tops.

Car looked stock. Bought it for 5,000. Found out it had an earlier front nose.
Bad brake booster. And cigarette burns. 2 to be exact. After figuring what it would cost to put it where I wanted it. I could spend a little more and go with a solid car. Which is what I did. Sold it for 3,500 couldn't get rid of it.

Bought a well documented GN. Too bad in 97' it was stolen.Also look at wahat was replced. It all costs.
Back to board bought a low mileage GN. Decided too nice, found a white Limited. 153,000 documented miles. Bought for 2,500. Now I have about what anice selling turbo car, which I could sell for what I have in it. Don't care. Going to have fun.If it marks up. in price fine. 2 people want it.
Last 2 years has been fun doing it. Look at suspension. I didn't so 1,000
dollars went for PST new parts. Drives like a dream. HTH'ed.........Rob

If you ask me, I would say that anything under 6 grand for a straight, complete and running GN is reasonable.Regarding your dead hole,if the car cranks normally, no high spots in cranking speed, it's going to be spark or fuel.A rule of thumb is that 90% of misfires are ignition related.
Finally,you are probably looking at a car that has seen 145000 miles. I love those 5 digit odometers...
I agree with the 3,500 dollar buy. Make a list before you go of what it needs and approximate cost. This I do so I won't over look in my zest to have the car. Man they are addictive.

If the total goes past 5,000. Then you have 2 decisions. Buy it replacy what it needs. That's love man...Or do you want to part it out.

I would look also in trunk deep in rear wheel wells. Doors line up.

Most of all wiring. Something you said bothers me. That is he doesn't work on it but has a race car........Maybe I'm cautious. Just my ,02 cents. Can always spend your money.....I was lucky, in that a buddy owns a body shop. We took all glasss out down to bare metal. Found 2 rust spots. Welded in.
Got 2 doors and trunk from frien. They where white. How lucky.Painted it stock white. No jambs to bother with. HTH'ed.......Love this car. Now to find a motor man in NY area.......................By the way I agree with 83 intercooled. Hope got that right.
Be really cautious; don't forget to look on top of the gas tank, etc. I don't know how long the car has been sitting but check for old flood damage, too. There are a lot of beaters here in Houston and a lot of grifters; don't fall in love with it, there are still good daily drivers to be had for a decent price.

That was a good point. Forgot I got srewed on that. My fault was first turbo car. Even bought one with t-tops.Just to show you how anxious I was.Not a GN either.Which is what I was looking for

As far as finding many high mileage cars in NY. This is over an 8 year period.
Waitng is hard. And it depends what you want. At least that is what I did.
In 98' I bought a white Limited. Waited on the woman for 6 years to sell.

I wish there was a candy land for turbo Buicks......Hope I cleared this up...

BOTTOM LINE....It's your money and time. You can figure the rest....Rob