What is my car worth?


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I am looking for feedback on what my car is worth.
see signiture-
car needs paint and some body work, undercarriage is rusted with 2 small holes in the floorboard that have been repaired with tigers hair & por-15.
64,000 original miles
Runs like a top.
Probably a better question is what do you want to get for it? If you want a real opinion, I suggest you get an appraisal at a good muscle car specialist. I've been surprised doing that with my cars, mostly on the downside. But it's the right center point. As far as selling goes, you can get whatever someone will pay. Sorry if this sounds too elementary, but in reality I think it probably is.
For me it would depend on how much body work and rust work.

Also option list is important to see if the car has anything else going for it like an astroroof etc.

Guessing 5K-6.5K.

Post some detailed pics. and an option list of codes. :)
"As far as selling goes, you can get whatever someone will pay"

thats the bottom line.....I like the milage BUT hate the rust...
I had an estimate done at a local GM dealer for the paint and body work, they said about $7000.00 but that is a complete body restoration everything would be perfect when done. Interior is excellent and It is a t-top car with every option.
power windows, locks,cruise, tilt wheel, posi, power seat, air etc.
Based on this do you think $7000.00 is an unreasonable asking price?
Thanks for your input.
Not unreasonable for up here.

Would have to see pics. first to tell though.

If you have a good proof of the mileage on it, it should sell okay for about $6K. :)
i paid 7500 for mine, and it had 98k. but it also had a few mods and a completely new interior. it has some undercarriage rust.. but nothing real serious. of course, the burnout may have swayed me a bit. he punched it til they started squealing and let off the brake, and it proceeded to shift into second and go careening sideways down the street.:D (what can i say, im 17)
I'll give ya $500 cash no questions asked :D

Always start high - this way when you come down in price the guy will feel he got a deal.

If you want to get $6000.00 set the price at $7,000 - 7,500 neg. & work with buyer.