What kind of rear seat belts do we have?


It's a stupid question, I know, but I've never ridden in the back seat of my car or any Regal. I'm headed to the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, and my sister wants to take the nephews along. They're still car seat age, and I'm not sure about the seat belt arrangement back there.

So do we have lap belts or shoulder belts? I think it's shoulder belts on the sides with a lap belt in the middle but I really can't remember.

3 sets of lap belts. Better dig them out from under the seat! Strap those rascals in!

Strap them in? That won't be enough for these boys! Mark you're pretty good with fabrication, how quickly can you make me up a cage for them? :biggrin:

Thanks for all the answers, guys. I appreciate it.