What Stall And Convertor ???


Mar 25, 2003
I would like some recomendations on stall and which convertor to go with, I have just recently added a PTE front mount and plan on a convertor upgrade I have the stock D5 now and didnt want to spend lots of $$. I talked to Mike Kurtz awhile back when I needed help on a shift kit install and what a standup guy he was Im sure he had a phone in one hand and a trans in the other when I talked to him. I was thinking of the 2800 he sells at under $400 I see Bruce also has one similar and is also very respected but I would rather not spend the extra $$ for the 9/11. The car is mostly street driven but its getting to the track more and more lately so what do you guys think? Give me your opinions as I only get online every couple days. My goal is mid to low 11s. TIA Marty
I have the same question , thinking of getting the Red Stripe 2800. Not sure how strong it is & how deep it will go?