what to expect from thrasher 100 ?


Im going to the track in two weeks w/ my 86 gn. I'll have the t100 chip in it. Should i buy 116 fuel or should i just get some 104. how much boost can i expect from this chip and will the fuel charactaristics of lthe chip limit me on the amount of boost i can run. Thanks.:cool:
I can run 20 psi on the street with alky injection/92 octane with no knock, so you should be able to get away with the 104 octane stuff.
Start running more than 20 psi with the stock turbo, and it's all hot air, not as much gain.
If you're refering to 104 octane booster, no. All you're probably going to do with that is blow head gaskets out.

There's an easy, safe rule of thumb when running race chips. Run the octane that matches or betters what the chip says. Plain and simple.

Not 50 this and 50 that, and a smidge more of whatchamacallit.

You have a 100 octane chip, then run 100 or better octane gas.
108 chip, 108 or better octane.
112 chip, 112 or better octane.

Don't play with fire. And for pete's sake stay away from octane boosters of ANY kind. THEY DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED.
I wasnt talking about 104 booster but instead should i just get my octane over 100 w/104 or 110 . Is putting some 116 in just overkill or can i run more boost on that chip with more octane. thanks for your help