What vacuum line is this and where can I find it?


Aug 15, 2016
I installed some new parts over the holidays and noticed a VERY audible vacuum leak. I think this is the vacuum line for the PCV, but I'm not sure. I thought about just buying some vacuum line, but it would just kink and not allow flow. Thank you for your help!!!


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I used some fuel line I had laying around the garage works fine. Strong enough to avoid being pinched shut
Give me a chance to find the part number I used before you order one online, autozone has one that is too long but has the premolded bend then you just trim it to fit.

Try Dayco B87000 that should work
Is fuel line a standard size? What size should I use?
I spent hours trying to find this pre bent piece. Highway stars did not have this available at the time. I used a 3/8 pcv hose from a Chevelle, it's way longer than needed but the end of it has the 90 degree bend. Fits perfectly and looks official with the GM writing on it.
I believe Dayco makes a generic 3/8" 90* bend.
Thank you everyone!

1. Replace line
2. Replace PCV
3. Replace grommet!

4. Don't freak out when 1/2 the original grommet breaks apart and falls in the engine.

It'll just lay on the valley pan until you have to take the engine apart.
Only Kirban sells the grommet. The GM replacement and parts store grommet is not the correct size.
I've used the "Help" one several times with no issues.
I went with 3/8 fuel injection hose - good as new! Thank you all of the help!

I didn't realize how massive the vacuum leak was. The old line was hard as a rock. The car actually ran better on cold start!
I wouldn't worry about the couple dollar PCV hose you should get rid of that fitting and rubber fuel line going into your fuel rail and get a real fuel line either stock feed line or -AN hose. Rubber fuel line is ok for return that only sees about 10psi of pressure but how long do you think that rubber line is gonna last??

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^GOOD EYE on the hose. That's SAE30R7 fuel line!!!! That would be one UGLY fire!

Standard Fuel Line Hose - SAE 30R7
• No longer used by the OEMs due to high permeation level: 37 times 30R9
• Known as a general purpose hose for standard fuel and low oil pressure
applications up to 35 psi in 3/8” and 50 psi in 5/16”; best used as PVC and EEC
hose (vapors)
• Not recommended for 1985 and newer vehicles

It's rated at 35PSI !!!!

All parts stores should have 30R9. It can handle 180PSI.