What were you driving at 16 ?

Kind of wish I still had that car. It was four years old when I got it. But I ruined it. I was swapping Shelby parts on it for a while, installed the Shelby scattershield and rear end. Picked up a Boss 302 short block back around 1971, did the swap, and put in one of those Ford Muscle Parts cams. The car ran good, but not good enough...Lucky to tip into the 14 sec. qtr. mile.
This exact car:

big ride.jpg

I would like to take my kids for a ride in some of these big cars just so they would know what it was like.

I took my drivers test in a 77 Buick Lesabre just like this one.

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The ride, I assure you, would WHOOP anything out today. That New Yorker with its 440 magnum, ironed out any bumps on the road. You'd fall asleep driving it. I could put the seat all the way back and have FEET left in front of me. The steering wheel telescoped too. That thing was awesome lol. Every road felt like newly laid asphalt when I drove that car. It was cool. I miss it.
My first brand new car! 68 Mustang GT FB.


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No pics...39 Chevy 2 dr sedan. Split manifold, 2 bbl carb, porta walls, fuzzy dice, 37 floor shifter, flipper hub caps, skirts.:cool:
No pics...39 Chevy 2 dr sedan. Split manifold, 2 bbl carb, porta walls, fuzzy dice, 37 floor shifter, flipper hub caps, skirts.:cool:
Now Chucky...be honest...they didnt have cameras back then. You coulda had an oil painting done...hahahahaha

My first ride...was my high school graduation present from my father...1962 409 2 door sedan...$4500 in 1988.
My first car was my Dad's beat to hell '68 Buick GS 400 4 speed. We called it the rolling garbage can. I then had a '77 Celica GT hatch for awhile and then eventually got Hitler's revenge ('87 Porsche 924S). This was all in a 1 year period. I've been through a lot of cars. I ended up resurrecting the garbage can with a built 430 that was .030 over with forged TRW's, all ARP fasteners, ported and flow benched big port heads, Lunati custom grind cam (now everyone has an offering of it (116 LSA)), TA Rockers with adj push rods, Crower double valve springs, etc. It was a hell of a sleeper.


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My first vehicle was a big econoline van! Love the thing, put rims and the loudest exhaust I could find and drove the piss out of it to go racing motorcycles. Moto scoots were an obsession for me until too many injuries and work got in the way :confused:


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wasn't 16, but first vehicle I bought


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My first car... Sat in a barn for 20 years with crap stacked on it. Me and my father got it out, took it home, and went through everything. Slow work in progress but a very reliable daily driver!
An 1984 Svo mustang. Turbo 2.3 world class T5 air to air intercooled Koni adjustable shocks 5 lug 4 wheels disc functional hood scoop really cool car


Since then, now that I'm 17 I've upgraded :p

I know... I'm very lucky to have such a car. Me and my pops have a great time :)
I doubt I have any pictures of it at home. Brother got me a 1988 Jeep Commanche with the 7' bed. Car had a little over 200,000 miles. We got it repainted, painted all the emblems, put his 3" lift kit from his 2000 cherokee sport he had left over (went to 6" kit), put the stock 2000 cherokee sport oem rims on the Commanche, rhino-lined the bed. Only thing left was to redo the tranny and she would have been great. Even fixed the 4wd. That thing was pretty nice. I even drifted on an on-ramp one time in the rain. That was fun.
no pictures but I had a 1971 Pontiac grand safari wagon with a 455! The gang would all pile in and we would cruise the strip performing the occasional and obligatory eternaburners. That car was so heavy and the tires relatively skinny so they would just roast when you dropped hammer , no line locks needed. it had a monsterous cool looking grille, power everything including tailgate. the cops hated it . They were not into the Saturday night pavement rototilling demonstrations. I went through rear tires faster than gas. Wish I had it now.
March 1996 - 2 months before I turned 16 my grandma gave me $1300 to buy a 1980 Regal from the family of an older lady that had passed away. It had 8300 original miles on it and still smelled new. One of those "only drove it to church and the grocery store" cars that everyone claims they have. Dark chesnut paint with tan interior. Column shift, front bench with fold down center arm rest, factory AM radio and factory hub caps. Small 4.3L v8. I drove it the last month of my soph year and entire junior year of high school. Sold it the summer of 1997 with 21k miles on it for $1100. Didn't bother me one bit as I was driving a new 96 Mustang GT at that point. 10 years after selling it, I guess the fondness for that old Regal got me to go after the 87. That and my buddy I was living with (CJH on here) had an 87 GN that reminded me of the Buick. In my WTB ad on here I even specified that I preferred a chestnut colored 86-87 Turbo Regal.