Whats Better?


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Nov 20, 2005
Do you get more money to part out a car that is complete and runs strong or should you try to sell it complete? ..... Just wondering.....
piece it out usually will get ya more BUT sometimes the way the economy is now you will get stuck with a lot of parts . I'd try whole first.
The GN or the Merc?
J/K, Vic, but I would never have the patience to part out a car. Complete would be the only way that I would go.
Hey my1stg, you have pics of your car?

Pics.... umm.... I might have a few. I can email you some if your interested. Car is nice and the engine and trans are solid! Engine is all stock minus bolt-ons. Car will run 7.3 all day in the 1/8 at about 93mph. Its just I dont know if I have time for it anymore. Plus to mod the Mercedes is expensive as heck! :eek: Its over $4K to do the ECM and TCM mods which give you a huge gain but I cant afford to mod both cars. So we are thinking about getting rid of the GN (I wanted to keep it for my 3 year old son) but we figure we might just buy another one in about 5-6 years from now. Just a thought. We dont "have" to sell it but if someone comes along with the right $$$ we will let her go!:cool: