What's it going to run tomorrow?


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Apr 9, 2002
previous best in sig on 255/60/15 cooper cobras, in 85 deg heat, 21psi boost, sh**y 60ft, and incorrect street chip for 28 lb injectors.

Added 3200(Vig)precision converter and 27x10.5x15 Hoosier QTP's, and a street chip for the blue tops.
I think the converter will cost me a mile or 2 mph but the 60ft should be MUCH better:D !

I'm thinking 12.6x@107.x maybe a 1.760ft.

I will post what it runs even if it's a turd.:eek:
Originally posted by salvageV6
12.77 at 108

Done that enough times myself. ;)
Man I HOPE it's a little better than that:( .
But you're guess it proably closer than mine.

I'm going up Sunday now instead of saturday, BMason is going to be driving my GN looking to run a very low 11 or even a 10.9x:cool:

I may even cheat and put Bobby in the seat of the T-Type, He'll proably get a 12.5x out of it:eek:

He's going to school me on launching a TR:D :eek: