What's that sound....is that....is that crickets chirping?!

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May 29, 2001
HEY!! Where the he!! is everyone?! :D No action in this forum since July 14th?! This place is like a morgue! C'mon all you NE guys, speak up man! Show your TB enthusiasm! :)

Yes I'm bored, can you tell? :p It's a Monday night and football is still a coupla weeks away. Oh well, at least I'll be able to kill some time in the next few nights as I get down-n-dirty with my 200R4! :)


Hey Steve, it has been quiet, i finally can get around alittle bit had to take my swingouts out of GN so i can drive it a little. (cant crawl over roll bars with a broken leg) can only work part time, whats with your trans? got mine done just before i got hurt and love the way it works. we all should get together some sat nite and shoot the sh
Re: quiet

Originally posted by 311
we all should get together some sat nite and shoot the sh

Lets do it!!

Went to the Pike a couple Saturdays ago and the stories i've been hearing are true!!! Seems like they're targeting the ricers more then anything else. Brought the 'T' down and did'nt even get looked at. Seems like Roy Rogers was the best place to park and hang out(believe it or not). Not one cop pulled in there all the time I was there. Let's see if we can get some Buicks to show in numbers. Only saw one other Turbo Buick all night(a GN).

Yeah, we all have to get together sometime. Maybe at the Walmart cruise, then hit the pike afterwards?

The trans has a busted part somewhere inside. I talked with Bruce last night and he gave me some insight as to what probably broke. Gonna drop the trans tomorrow nite and hopefully figure out by Thursday nite what I need to fix. Doubt I'll be ready to hit LVD Saturday tho. Maybe next weekend.

Hey Steve, I forgot to mention....my friend Anthony had his '99 T/A (Bright Red) dyno'd Saturday at J&M. Pulled 354 hp & 356 lbs/ft with just the hotcam, hooker long tubes, no cats, flowmaster cat-back, and an MTI lid.

Has anyone come around to look at buying your GN?
Hey Steve, sorry to hear about your trans, i have had a couple of lookers at my car. got a guy coming from Bridgeport on thurs to look. get your car going and we all will go to pike.

getting together to meet sounds cool i have to ask tho where is the pike:confused: anybody from around here going to the nebra picnic this year? steve i hope that leg heel up for ya soon;)
Up HERE!!!

Hmmm... I really have no idea where to post, so i guess this is the closest area to me. Does anybody here ever come up to Canada to race at napierville or sanair? just wondering...:D