What's this worth?


Hi, guys,
In your opinions, what's this car worth?

1984 T-TYPE
Vehicle Description

Heres the good.This car has lots of potential,but also needs some work.Mtor has about 15,000 on rebuild.Forged pistons 30 over,balanced,42.5lb injectors,14in K+N w/ cold air kit,TA49C Turbo,Front mount spearco intercooler,Billet adj fuel reg,Atr RP313B cam,Joe Labrandt chip,TPS,IAC,High press/vol fuel pump.Newer t/a radials(lots of tread) B+M Megashifter console mounted,Autometer oil,boost,fuel press.Front clip,Doors,Bumpers great shape.Interior descent,Digital dash.Radiater,Hoses,Mounts replaced.Trunk ok some surface rust.Overall this car is not that bad considering its age location and milage.Fix it up,use it as a donor. MORE PICS OR ?'S EMAIL ME,Thanks
Heres the bad. Needs computer,motor surges at idle computor shows code 22,but its not the tps,troubleshot narrows it down to connection at computer or computor itself.You also get the shop manual(4 binders full).Needs rockers,Trans rebuilding,Muffler.Rear 1/4's have patch panels(homemade).Trunk lid rusty underneath. Car must be trailered to dest.
Thanks a million, guys.
Originally posted by GO 4LO
Hi, guys,
In your opinions, what's this car worth?

One Million Dollars!

Seriously, sounds like a parts car. It might get $1500 on E-bay.