When a stock injector goes bad...

KenB 87 TT

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Feb 7, 2003
The short - With one stock injector gone bad, considering short term future (basic mods only), stay stock, or slightly larger (and chip)?

The long-
Ok, first off, thank you for all your help in the past.
2nd, yes, I know how the search function works, as well as the resources at gnttype.org

My situation - Newbie
1987 WE4, with maybe two years deferred maintenance, one year of care, and unknown history prior to that.

Trying to get it running "right" as is, one problem found after another.
Current issue, No 5 injector is leaking like a sieve. Mechanic pulled the intake to replace gaskets (leak, 'nother issue) notices puddle o fuel in the intake port for that cylinder (paraphrased, he knows what he'd doing, i wasn't there).

What I know of the car
Engine is stock (chip [?], injector, turbo), using LT1 MAF and Translator. Stock ex. man., DP, etc. Cat is, I believe, gutted.

Early spring cleaning (the past two months), replaced

Plugs (stock R44TS)
Wires (OEM)
O2 (OEM)
PCV and hose (OEM)
Vacuum block gasket (OEM)
Intake manifold gaskets (Felpro)
Radiator Hoses (OEM)
Heater Hoses (OEM)
Vacuum lines
Thermostat (OEM)
Fuel Filter (OEM)
Oil & Filter (Mobil 1)
Heater Core (OEM)
AC conversion R134a
Cleaned K&N filter and breathers

Will add RJC powerplate, Caspers knock gauge, and learn what a new Scanmaster is telling me. I have them already.

Very near term (unpurchased)
Adj wastegate actuator
Fuel pump and hotwire.

New transmission, it slips bad.

Medium term

My goal is simple, get it running right, w/o buying parts that will be obsolete in 3 months. Or is this the unHoly Grail of tuning?
I have no idea of goal in terms of power or 1/4 mile times.
Though maybe in 3-5 years I would think high 11's (new turbo, full exhaust, etc) after i get completely bit by the go-fast bug.

In light of one bad, unknown condition of the other 16 year injectors, where would be injectors and chip fit in?
Is it too early for what is a stock motor to go slightly larger?
Noticed a vendor with chip and injector special.

Any advice (other than "Do a search") would be appreciated, even beyond the injector question.

Thank you in advance

1987 WE4

Boy r u lucky I got to this 1st, so u can get the right advice!!!


First of all, is the injector bad, or do you have a problem with the harness? Have you checked the harness for cuts or abrasions that could result in the harness grounding out and turning an injector on continuously? This could cost you a motor.

Now, so far as the stock injectors go, replacing them is a good idea. For 1 thing, they're 16 years old. For another, they barely supply enough fuel for a stock TR. You'll find injectors and a proper chip pretty cheap compared to a head gasket job.

The stock injectors are 28 PPH. There are several steps between stock and 57 PPH, which is the largest injector available w/o having to modify the ECM drivers.

009's, 50's, and 57's all work fine with the proper chip. There's no reason I'm aware of not to go "bigger" so long as your chip guy has a good handle on things.

As far as where injectors fall in the pecking order, you'll get as many answers as respondents.

Good luck!!!

If your on a budget - lookup up Chuck Leeper on this board. He does injector servicing @ a great price. He did my injectors and they have been awsome, but I have pushed them about as far as I want to.

Get the 50 or 57 lb. injectors.

Get a known good street chip for the car, Eric Marshall at turbotweak can help you with that. Get it for the new injectors.

Ask him how much to upgrade it for alky. type chip which is usually just timing improvements for more power.

IF you have the translator + version you can probably adjust that once the alky. kit is on the car so you may not have to upgrade the chip at all.

Knowing you have good fueling and what chip is a big plus in getting the car to run right.