When gas is to the floor car dies out...


Hit Man X

Well, on an '82 T-Type I am thinking on buying, I was driving it and decided to put the throttle wide open. When I did, the car about died, then when I let off the gas it came alive again.
What would cause a problem like this...
Need more input.... Was there smoke out the back,white,blue,black? did it spark knock before it ....
Has it a bog or more like a floating lifters, over boost(mine can do this)?
It could be any thing from needing a good tune up to head work???
No sound no smoke, just silence. It is the weirdest thing.
The car apparently has a rebuilt bottom end, valve job, and just needs a Turbo rebuild.
I think it bogged out, didn't sound like anything was messed up on the valve train.
from what you described, sounds like your problem is carb. related. does it run fine at part throttle?( cruising?)
was the car fully warmed up when it bogged out?maybe the chocke closed shut when you hit the gas.could be fuel problem(fuel pump)or could be the carb hasn't been full out in awhile and needs a little cleaning and tlc.
You have the same problem as Eighty2Regal. :)

Bog can be a number of things, but for me it was the carb, more specifically the secondary's air horn. It is spring loaded and is "sucked" open by the engine vacuum. Over time it falls out of adjustment. Sometimes the linkages bind (my problem). And there is a plastic cam between the barrels that can were out (the metering rod lift arm rides on it). Either get Doug Roe's Carb book, or find a good Q-jet rebuilder.

I would make sure the Carb is the right number:

One other possibilty is the THERMAC air cleaner. If it is disabled, the incoming air may be too cold. This will cause the engine to bog, but this is really only a winter problem when outside temperatures are cold.
It wasn't fully warm, but I drove it around 3 city blocks in 95+ deg heat.
The car ran fine putting around town, started right up when I choked it too.
I think it has something to do with the car has been sitting for about a year too. I guess a Q-Jet rebuild is necessary.
Oh, and where would a Tech be at to rebuild the Turbo on it?