where can i buy some cheap emblems?


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anyone know where i can buy some cheap emblems? one of mine fell off so i guess its time to replace them, its been a while since ive had to buy them and damn they have gotten expensive!
G Body parts had decent used ones when I needed one. :cool:

Price varies with quality. ;)

You have to scrape off the old factory foam type glue as well but that wasn't too hard with the side of a Stanley Knife blade.
take em all off. make it a sleeper.

Apparently my car is "sleeper" enough even with the badges...I went to 2 car shows this past Sunday and at the first one I had the typical TR idiot strike up a conversation with me:

IDIOT: Nice car there buddy, I used to have one of those...

ME: Oh yeah?

IDIOT: Yeah, well, only thing is mine was a 4-door...:eek: :rolleyes: :biggrin: