Where can I buy TPS screws?


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What is supposed to be one of the honors reserved to people who have served with great dedication, distinction, duty and heroism is being bestowed by Governor Cooper on a low life f#$%ing criminal. What the hades has my state and country come to? Yes, his death while in custody is tragic but he wasn't a f$%^in boy scout.

Please forgive me for the language. I am normally much more composed about things but this has me royally pissed off.
You think it’s bad now just wait. I bet Floyd’s death will be a national holiday in years to come. Major cities want to start defunding the police and come up with a new system. Our tyrant hypocritical governor in PA was marching with his blm sign and the rest of the sheeple recently, but yet he want’s people to remain indoors because of covid. If you think blacks got freebies and special handouts before just wait. Their entitlement meter is pegged at 10 now
You people are RACIST !! Did you know Floyd was becoming Rev. George Floyd ? He was this close !! BUT now he will only be remembered as the 2nd coming of Christ :eek:
Too bad one of his ilk didn't take his ass out, when he was doing his street crime forays....