wheres that confounded PS switch

I still have motor thats idle'n rough.

Wheres this power steering switch I been reading about in me book.

vac lines ok
intake ok
injectors ok
iac ok
tb cleaned
egr v/s ok
new wires them nice msd ones
plugs ok
coilpac ok
comp test ok
every conceivable crack has been doused
scanmaster readings are fine
(Int and bl are within spec)

but i must have leak because vacuum gauge does not lie and its 14 inches and steady with in an inch

EEERRRRRRRRRRRR gota be that intake

Who makes best intake gasket?

i need a beer
Yep pretty normal if steady at 14.

Well within your avg. gauge margin of error.

I'd have a few beers and call it a night. :cool:

well that explains why me no find switch, i can eminininate that.

14 inches eh.. ok makes me breath easy

i'll go back to my injectors and check motor mount

thanks guys