which alky kit do i need


Jun 20, 2001
hey i am wondering which alky kit i need from alkycontrol.com i am gonna be buying it in a month or so and i am wondering what i need to save?? and also if i did alky and race gas what do you think my car could do as in how much faster in the 1/8th???
Depends... if your more concerned about air fuel ratios, overboost protection, and improved drivability a progressive is the way.

For a simple system whereas the car sees lower 20's for boost, then a SAC works great. Simple turnon and pump speed control. Same pumps on my stuff as the DIY kits.., the added expense is electronics.

As far as the use with race gas question, dunno. Probably wouldnt hurt in small quantities for reduced charge air temps. The reason for alky typically is to get away from race gas. Properly designed kit should get you the same results as race gas, typically, especially on a mild motor like yours. How fast on alky.. many have run in the 11's or low-mid 7's 1/8 mile. Boost, timing, tuning will determine this stuff.

Any questions..post them, or call. I'll do my best to help you.

whats the different

what is the differnce in the sac and the one more expensive??? i want to run 7.3-7.5 next race season with hope fully just having to add alky and rjc pulleys. you think its possible???
You want to drop a second off your et's, thats a big pill to swallow. If the car will run the number on race gas, it should stand a chance with alky. Or be very close to it.

7.3-7.5 equals a low-mid 11 sec 1/4 mile. At this level you typically want more to flow. As a race car only, both should do the trick. Meaning you launch at high boost and go. As a street car system to handle that flow, then a progressive is better suited. Since drivability is what your looking for. Like punching from a roll, or blowing the tires, or ??? that can cuase the boost to spike without control. And you want as much knock protection as possible.

I made these for the intent of the faster Buick crowd. Just the overkill on pumps, nozzles, pressures, flow..etc.. there will be plenty of system to play with.


so over all what do i need for fasest ? and overall for fas enoguh plus good drivability??? doing it in a few weeks.
OK, I will try to help razor explain this a little clearer:D

Basically what Julio is saying is that you aren't going to go any faster on pump gas and alky than you would on racegas. As far as running racegas and alky it is pretty much uncharted waters and you won't see much of a gain from it since you already have the high octane of the racegas and will only be using it for cooling.

The realworld differences between the PAC (progressive) and SAC (standard) controllers is that the PAC will give much better part throttle driveability than the SAC. At the track where you only have the throttle in 1 of 2 positions (idle or WOT) there won't be any significant differences unless your boost isn't stable and spikes.

If you are want to go faster I personally would look into a bigger turbo, if I am not mistaken a TE34 is about the same size as a stock turbo, a TE44 or TA49 would probably help you pick up a couple tenths. HTH
You'll also need larger injectors. You need a fuel system to support the ET. Pump, injectors are crucial. Since you will be flowing more air and making more power. The turbo could use to be a little larger as well. Correct chip as well..very important.

Alcohol works like a seventh injector of sorts since it burns, but wont make up a lot of difference in your fuel supply.

I say 50/57's minimum injectors, bigger turbo, stall etc.. just like if your were building the car to run the number on race gas. trick is to run a lower timing chip with a bit higher boost to make up the difference. Big difference between a 7.2 and a 7.7 1/8 mile. Actually huge :)

7.5 = mid-high 11's 7.2= low 11's.. everyone there knows what it takes to get there.

HTH.. thanks
ummm k

ok this is really what i am trying to do is to run just as fast on 93 octane on the street with alky as i would with race gas so its just for thee street and to also reduce my detonation. i want to run faster on the street as like i would at the strip. and yes iunderstand that my tires will boil i aint worried bout that bigger turbo injectors are in my mind to i am lioving at home and making $10 an hour only thing i have to pay for is $150 for car payment and $90 for insurance. so here soon i got a few things to do such as turbo TE60, 50lbs inj., hotwire fuel pump,alky, and rjc racing pulleys. i was thinking with all that ishould be in the mid to low 7's. but the maint thing is this is an everyday driver i want more fast for the street.