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Wich chip would be best for my combo see sig. Want a chip with alchy settings. I am planing on getting a SMC alchy kit. A 93 octane chip? Have 30# injectors. :confused: Also would it hurt for a daily driver with my mods to step up to 42.5 pound injectors??
With a TA49 running high boost 20lbs+ you will run out of injector using the 30 lb'ers.

I run 42.5 lb 009's with a stock turbo and SMC alcy kit on my DAILY driver....right now I have a RA93 chip in it and it runs just fine. No tip in stumble with one screen removed from the MAF.

I've also tried a Jim Testa 93 chip for the 009's and it is great for the summer time. The Testa chip spools like MAD and is a bit much for daily driving in the wet.

I will be going to a TE44 turbo soon and will get a RA108 race chip when I order the turbo from Quad Air. My car seems to prefer Red's chips although the RA93 seems to run a bit rich for the track.

SO...yes the 009's are fine for a daily driver. You'll have to try a few chips to find the right one for your car. I would try Red's, Testa's, Jay Carter....they seem to have the line on the 009's.

Good Luck,
Thank's john all of the info I needed man. Much appreciated. I will charge some 009's and experement with the chips you stated.