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Dec 15, 2002
Hi yall, I know this question has been asked more times than Pamala Anderson has been...well, lets just say its been asked a lot. Anyway, this summer I am getting my engine rebuilt with a larger roler cam, bigger valves and ported heads and intake. I will be running 50# injectors, alky, a 2800 stall convertor and a 24 row intercooler. OK, now to my question. Should I keep my existing TE-44 or upgrade to a bigger turbo? Ultimatly, I would like to be able to run in the mid 11's but I want the drivablility and quick spool of the 44. I checked my turbo today and noticed that theres a bit of side-to-side play in the shaft (about 2mm of play). Is that normal or is it getting old? I definatly dont want to be blowing turbo parts into a freshly rebuilt engine!

mid 11's can be done with the te44 but sounds like a TE60 would fit your combo very well. I'm going to a 60 this spring myself with a 9/11 from TCS
Looking at a PT51. PTE's website says its a "quick spool" turbo. anyone have experience with this turbo? What converter are you running with it?

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Do TE-60's spool quickly with a 2800 stall convertor?


It would spool fine with a 2800. It was reccomended to me to use either a 2800/3000 stall with the t60
About $750 complete... haven't seen them any cheaper. The cost of mine will be more cuz i'm getting the polished compressor housing and a coated exhaust housing.
Your combo has an identity problem

Rebuilt motor, roller cam and ported heads = low 10's are possible

50lb, Te 44, 2800 stall and mid 11's?

If you are looking for mid 11's, save a lot of dough and do not get the roller cam and ported heads. You can get there on the TE44 with traction and some more minor mods.

Rebuild the turbo to a 44 or 60 and you are there.
I know its possible to hit the 10's wit the right tuning. the reason for the extra mods is to be sure that I can hit 11's safely and consistantly. I want this engine to be strong enough to run 11's all day long. Thanks for your info. One more thing, if I get a TE-60, should I get a 3000 stall convertor or stick with my 2800. (Money realy isnt a factor)

PT51 Turbo

I had a PT51 on my car with a stock intercooler and original stock short block with 42.5 injectors and ported iron heads and ran 7.30's in a 1/8. I used a 28-3200 stall and a 350 trans. I would suggest putting the new PT61 on your car. I have one on mines now and it spools like madd. I have not been to the track but I believe she shoud go in the 6 second range with no problem.
I think im going to go with a PT-61. the 61 series seems to be a popular choice among the members here

thanks for your help


This turbo is made by Precision Turbo and it is the biggest quick spool turbo they make. This turbo will support up to 675 hp.
Thanks for the info. Do they have anything that is smaller but larger than a TA-49 and quick spooling with a 2800 converter?