Who made the stock exhaust for buick?


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Oct 20, 2001
I am good friends with "Twins" & NOCOOLER who frequent this section because they have Hot -Air cars.Twins has been searching for an up pipe to turbo exhaust flange for about 3 weeks with no success.I have a buddy in the tooling industry who just bought an 84 G.N. for the drive train to put in his Jeep.He will be able to find this flange if I can find out who made the stock exhaust for the Turbo Buicks.If not he can make it, but it probably won't be cheap.I am told this part if no longer in production so if any of you are going to need this in the future it would be a big help to figure it out where to get it now instead of later. If I can get it or build it I will have extra.
Will the ATR pipe work with the KB headers?
OTHRWMN has a buddy with a Wrangler that a hot-air drivetrain is going in this winter. He has the same setup, as does my dad's car and I don't think either one of them wants to replace the headers ect.
The JEEP guy works at a tool and die shop and may be able to make what we need if he can get the org. info.


Twins......I'll tell ya what, I'll bring my ATR up-pipe down next time, and we can see if it will work with those KB headers.