Who the heck said a waterpump would take three hours!


Bad luck Buick
Jun 16, 2014
Haha but for real. Going on day three here. Day one was removing everything in front of the water pump. Got hung up on getting the pulley off the car (belt tension wasn't enough to hold it.) Then the lower rad hose was basically welded to the old pump. Eventually got it off but probably going to go ahead and replace it for good measure. Day two was last night and we finally got the new pump on after hours of cleaning the old gasket off. That sucker did NOT want to let go. I tried brakleen, pb blaster, water. Nothing really helped but a lot of elbow grease and a few razors. Hopefully today will get everything back together. Threw the new pump on there last night using a Fel-Pro gasket. No way do I want to deal with those crappy paper gaskets again.

Also, as I was working on it a guy drove by and took our picture:
He is a student who took our picture for a photo project he does here: Human Anthropology.
It was cool to tell the story of how I found the car and what I know of its history with BlackMonte and how my dad had one when I was a kid. The guy next to me is my buddy Zack who's been learning how to work on cars with me over the last year. He's got a cool vintage civic wagon and thats my daily driver 1970 mustang behind us!

Tonight I should be able to get everything back together including the lightweight aluminum bumper support I ordered! So stoked to take her out again after a week of working on it! cheers!
I can prolly do it in 2 with air tools. :D

Whats up with the water pump?


Handtools and busted knuckles are the only way I got till I can find a house with a garage! I noticed it was dripping coolant from the weephole while we were working on the brakes. Since I'm replacing the bumper I figured I'd go ahead and replace that while she was already apart. Things like this always pop up after a long roadtrip. Sure enough the brakes went out when I was on my way back from NY a couple weeks ago, thats when I noticed the pump. :bored:
Good thing you had caught that leak when you had, could of been bad news if it went on for too long. At least you didnt wreck it and the motor is still good.
On the bright side, it should go back together alot faster than taking it all off.

I take it you're wearing the detroit tigers hat in the photo?
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Make sure to put sealant on the long bolts. They hit water.
Yep. Cleaned them up and used permatex thread sealant. Just hoping I didnt gack the mating surfaces with the razor too much. Ill be firing it up this weekend with a new chip and alky Crossing some fingers here!