Who works at Geico?


John 15:17
Nov 12, 2001
I remember someone on here works at Geico.

I need to make a claim and I have a question to ask first.
If it is a general insurance/claims question, why don't you just throw it out there. I know that there are a few of us who work in insurance around here......if it's really somehow Geico-related then nevermind and excuse me.
A wheel came off while I was driving about six months ago.

It dented up the rear drivers quarter panel.

I didn't claim it then, becuase I didn't want my insurance to go up.

But now I don't care, and I want to file a claim.

Do you think they will give me a hard time?

There is no accident report.

I got one conservative estimate for $600.
Well, I work for Allstate, and this sort of thing (with us) is not a problem. The only way that you might have a hard time is if it has been worked on at all by anyone already (Like if you tried to have it fixed but that body shop didn't get it all taken care of) or if by not being fixed it has caused more, or resultant, damage. It sounds like you'll be okay.

I haven't had anything done to it.

What is your opinion on claims vs. the ins company raising their rates?

I have NEVER had a claim against any of my cars, every.

My wife has had one minor fender bender.

I get a speeding ticket about once a year...:D
With State Farm, I had a claim about 2 yrs ago from 4 wheeling. They covered it and since I hadn't had a claim in over 10 yrs they covered it with no rate hike. I've been with them the whole time, that's probaby the catch.

Just throwing that out there, for what it's worth.

Also, if that is covered under comprehensive it shouldn't affect your rates. Might still be considered collision though.
I had allstate from age 16 to age 30. I never had an accident. I seldom got tickets. Maybe once every two or three years. Then, my wife accidentally backed in to a honda in a parking lot, just a small fender bender, and our rates skyrocketed!

That was when we switched to geico. But I don't think their rates are great. I am probably going to switch again, after I file the claim.
Hey I'm the one who works for GEICO.

Mechanical failure accidents (such as this) are considered at fault accidents. Anything with damage below $1000 is considered not at fault and therefore not surchargeable. If it is surchargeable and youve been with us in our preferred category for over 5 years you get first accident forgiveness.

If its only $600 I doubt we would raise your rates, at worst youd loose your 5 year accident free discount, however you may not even lose that because its below the $1000 limit..

btw I didnt tell you any of this ;)
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You lost me...:(

BTW, we have been with geico for about three years.


Surcharge = if you have an accident thats at fault and over $1000 in damage (or certain tickets) theres an additional amount tacked onto your policy because of it. ;)
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Surcharge = if you have an accident thats at fault and over $1000 in damage (or certain tickets) theres an additional amount tacked onto your policy because of it. ;)

OK, thanks.

Is it a problem that it happend six months ago? I don't have an accident report or anything. Just a nice dent in my quarter panel.:mad: