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I'm not an existentialist. I JUST WANNA READ RAVEN'S KILL NOVELETTE.

Linked from forum 26 (Automotive at General Mayhem). Read all 38 stories to this point. Love it, can't wait for more.

I am a Buick owner, but of an Electra Estate Wagon which except for a couple of rare prototypes I read about in Car & Driver in 1989, was never equipped with a 3.8 Turbo. I also don't really plan to put a 3.8 Turbo in it. I have only owned one turbocharged vehicle and it was a 1987 Chrysler New Yorker, back in 1995-1996. I'd rather have torque and forget the horsepower. So an Olds 455 transplant is in the works and I can't wait to scour swap meets and flea markets and garage sales for good 455 bits to make it a little sweeter than the typical mid-70s stock 455. But I won't change how it looks. I want someone to open my hood and not be able to tell the difference between the 455 and the stock 307. A little black paint here, cast iron manifolds, Q-jet with bigger metering rods, stock air cleaner and ductwork, all accessories in place, and few will be wise to it. I'm sure enthusiasts will be able to tell the difference but I might just go with a well built 403 and pretend I never swapped anything at all.
I have an 82/86 Regal that had an olds 307 that i will be putting a olds 350 68/69 block in it. Its nice to see that i am not the only olds fan. :) Have fun with your wagon .