wierd problem, where to start?


Mar 21, 2005
took the car for a ride yesterday and it was not running right. at regular throttle and low boost no problem. as i roll into the throttle, it will hit hard then the engine rpm goes up and down like it looses power momentarily then it popped and missed. no knock though. no mal function codes and all scanmaster numbers are right on. maf is 5 at idle and 255 at wot. if it was leaning out i fugure it would knock. i'm thinking coil pack or something in the ignition system. does this sound like the right place to start?
I would always start with the coil/Ignition module. best thing is to have a known good one. or have a friend with a TR local to test things like that first. also i never rule out fuel problems with mine knock or no knock with these cars i have learned that they work in mysterious ways sometimes. when was the last time you did the fuel filter? just remember to not focus on one thing check out all aspects of whats wrong. could be fuel could be plugs ( i have had plugs faul (spell?) out on me and run great at low and cruise but when u hit it they just didnt cut it.

just my 2 cents though...
Look for a burnt/grounded sp. plug wire. Best to check in a dark area, roll the throttle up and look for spark coming off one of the wires. You may have to have someone in the car with it in gear to get torque on the engine. (BE CAREFUL) Engine could be moving just enough under torque to allow burnt spot to get close enough to a header to arc. Be sure to look under and around the wires.
thanks for the replies. fuel system should be good as everything was replaced about 2000 miles ago. i will start checking the ignition system and plugs.
problem fixed! fyi

just to let everyone know i changed the module and the car feels like it 100 hp stronger. didnt realize a weak spark would cause this kind of problems.