Will They Fit? Slicks 27.5 x 12 x 15


Jan 31, 2011
Any ideas if these will fit,, I previously ran 275/60/15 MT DR's With no rubbing or problems but i understand these are 1/2 an inch wider.. Let me know thanks
I ve squeezed a 12.25" tire in there- I think the maximum space is 12.50" so backspace is got to be dead on.
28x12.5's M/T Pro's (only ones that worked in the rain)...back in the 90's, atr rate springs,AK series biltsteins, Forget riding people in the back seat...they didn't grow like slicks with though....(took them off my 73 camaro,Enki 91 series wheels.(15x8.5 rear ,14x6 front)