Win 7 will not let power logger install !!!!


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Jan 15, 2013
I have read all the solutions to make the power logger to install on win 7 step by step till I blue in the face , hrs and hrs later still not on my new laptop , I have a old laptop with xp and the program loaded in about a minute with no issues . Are there any more secrets to get this program on my new laptop with win 7 . I even loaded the XP update to my new laptop and it was like I never did anything , I can get to where the computer looks for the driver folder and press to install it keeps saying can not find any drivers . Im about to think its impossible to load pl on my new laptop , can anyone help me please ?
Make sure the new correct drivers are in that folder with the proper driver file extensions.

And of course make sure the drivers are UN-Zipped first if in a zip format.
I finally had to take mine to AZ computer gurus and he had to back door it to get it to load the drivers. Something about the 64 bit wouldn't load but 32 bit would. Mine works but now it has other issues with pop ups saying I'm not running real windows 7. I feel your pain ... good luck
Thanks everyone I finally got it I went by Full Throttle forum instructions of the pl with win 7 and it finally clicked , I went to the folder of the drivers instead of the drivers folder and it went on with no problem , I had thoughts of taking my 45 to it but I did not want to buy another computer LOL . Its amazing how something that simple caused problems like that and looks like as long as Win7 has been out someone would have made the drivers to be friendly for it .
Glad ya got it installed! I even installed it on a friends laptop and it installed fine, it just wouldn't install on my dell. Have a good time with the pl, it's a great tool. Cheers!