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Is my XP (home) registered to only me, or to me and that particular computer I have it on? I know they set it up so that you can't copy it for others to use, unlike 98. In other words, if I get a new computer can I re-use the XP I have now to save some $$$$?
It doesn't matter what computer you have it on, as long as its installed on only one computer at any particular time. In other words, if you install it on one computer and want it on another, you have to uninstall it from the first one before you can install it on the second one.

....of course, I'm sure EVERYONE follows that rule!;)
I don't run XP but I am fairly certain that there are ways around the single-site licensing issue. Where there is a will, there is a way, I guess. :eek:

I believe that per the license agreement you agree to have only one installed copy of a Windows XP software package. You can't legally buy a single copy of it and load it on every machine in your house.
Thanks Mark, I'll keep that in mind. :)

The computer it's on now is a PII, so there isn't really any way for them to identify that computer is there? Aren't the chips after the PII the ones that have some sort of id #?
It really won't be a problem not to have it on 2 computers, I can put 98 back on the old one and just move XP to the new one. IF there's a way for them to even know the difference. The old one (this one) will be demoted to just work processing and minimal internet in my wife's office room, so it won't make any difference.
What you are referencing is the processor serial number that started with the p3. You can disable it in almost all machines, so that really doesnt matter. What XP does is formulate a unique machine fingerprint based on processor, chipset,memory, hard drive, various serial numbers, etc. If you make too many changes (i.e. install on another machine, like if you move the harddrive, or copy an image) the regular versions of windows and office xp will need to re-registered. WIndows will let you reactivate really as many times as you want.

BUT. If they see the same windows serial number start to come up on hundreds of machines, expect a knock at the door.

If you install on another (2nd) box and activate - although illegal, really won't even be a blip on the radar screen at Gates, Inc. Post the install on the web for all to get, different story.

If you flatten the hard drive on the old one, and load it on the new one, perfectly legal. You own 1 legal copy. Next comes your OEM rules however, most state you cannot transfer the license to another hardware unit unless its the OEM providers own unit. Like if you have a Dell, you would only be able to LEGALLY transfer to another DELL. SOme of the OEM CDs actually look for their own hardware and won't install too, so possibly be ready for that.
That all sounds pretty promising. This computer came with 98, and I'll format/reload again anyway to give to my wife, so 98 will go back on it. My XP is store bought, so I'll put it on the new one. Sounds like I can save another $100 or so like this. :D

Thanks for the help guys. Again. :)