Wiper motor


Displacement Replacement.
Mar 22, 2009
Looking for a wiper motor with the cover with the delay feature. The motor isn't 100% needed as I mainly need the cover with the electronics with the delay feature but will take the whole setup if that's what you got. Thanks
hello; Sorry no help here but in your search if you come up with a place that carries those rubber gromments that the bolts ride in that holds the whole unit I'd like to know. What is happening with me is the whole unit when in process rocks back and forth and that's not wright.
goodluck and thanks
hello and thanks Pittsburg; I knew it shouldn't of been a big deal to find some. I guess I've been lazy on that pc. and I only think of it when it rains. I'll have to get that motor out again and do it write. A couple of those bolt are a bitch to get at.
over and out